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Such a simple Thing …

Naturally, you can cut the tube to the desired length, e.g., with a cutter knife

When the fly is finished, you can change the colour of the visible areas as required, e.g., by using a waterproof felt-tip pen.

If you wish, you can also shorten the small, exposed part of the tube so that it is nearer the body of the fly, e.g., by using a cutter knife.

If a conehead is to be attached, glue it using a quick-drying adhesive to the mounting tube (the adhesive must not impede flow through the tube).

Please obey the general safety instructions provided with the adhesive!


When the mounting tube is attached, carefully slide the cone head with a gentle twisting motion, then shorten the tube to approximately 1mm from the cone head.
The heat it up carefully using a lighter.


Fitting the tube fly onto the expander using a loop made from monofilament fishing line. (A piece of fishing line is used as an aid to threading).

This tube fly should be used with free-hanging triple hooks.